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Limited Scope Representation

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Limited Scope Representation allows clients to receive professional legal services on an hourly basisWhat is Limited Scope Representation and is it right for you?

Laurent Legal is pleased to provide clients with the option of retaining professional legal services on a Limited Scope basis (also sometimes referred to as “unbundling.”)  Rather than retaining Laurent Legal to fully and completely represent your interests in all aspects of your family law case, you can decide to retain Donna Laurent for only a portion of the case.  It is rather like dining “a la carte” instead of ordering an entire meal.

Some examples of limited scope representation include:

  • You simply consult with Donna on an hourly basis to obtain legal information and advice concerning the issues in your case;
  • You retain Donna to represent you in only one aspect of your case, such as child support, while you represent yourself on the other issues;
  • You retain Donna to prepare your court forms and other documents, but file the documents yourself and represent yourself at any court hearings;
  • You retain Donna to represent you at only one court hearing (for example, the initial hearing on custody issues); or
  • You retain Donna to assist you with some of the more complicated legal tasks in your case, such as discovery or legal research, while you do the simpler tasks yourself.

If your financial situation is such that you cannot afford to retain an attorney to handle your entire case, limited scope representation may be a great way for you to obtain our competent legal assistance while keeping your costs down.  Oftentimes, Laurent Legal clients retain Donna for one limited scope purpose and then expand upon that representation by retaining Donna for additional tasks.  It is one way of “paying as you go” if you are not in a position to pay a significant advanced retainer fee.

The family law courts approve of limited scope representation because they want to encourage litigants to get as much legal assistance as they need to protect their family’s rights.  They know you will do a better job of following proper court procedures and presenting important information to them if you have the assistance of an experienced family law attorney during the more complicated portions of your case.

There are many benefits to limited scope representation over full representation if your finances are limited and your case does not have a lot of technical and/or time-sensitive issues.

Laurent Legal is dedicated to helping you find effective legal representation in your family law matter that works best for you.  If you are a party to a family law matter and would like to discuss whether limited scope representation is right for you, please contact Laurent Legal  at (818) 946-3100 to schedule an appointment.