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About Donna A. Laurent, CFLS

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.
-Nelson Mandela

Family Law, Mindful Lawyering and Donna A. Laurent

Family Law issues can be heart-breaking. Individuals involved in intimate partner relationship break ups are suffering perhaps the worst crisis of their life. Surviving the break up can be a long and difficult journey–emotionally, legally and financially. Donna incorporates mindfulness in the practice of family law in an effort to help dial down the habitual emotional reactivity that so often challenges those caught up in painful family law disputes. Mindfulness allows both the parties and attorneys to not be sucked into personality or other conflicts but to focus instead on the innate ability we all have to define our own experience by consciously choosing how to feel, react and behave.

Donna strives to guide family law clients holistically, without sacrificing essential needs and/or compromising safety, in an approach designed to help clients heal while navigating the challenges that relationship transitions bring. There are emotional and behavioral habits within all of us, many deeply embedded, which are toxic and cause suffering. Donna is committed to bringing peace and order to our clients’ complicated custody, support and property disputes. Lawyers should be healers and peacemakers, rather than warring destroyers. Those involved in family law disputes need to be treated with compassion and a genuine concern for resolution of the difficult and emotional issues they face.

Laurent Legal practices mindful lawyering for all Family Law issues for the best client outcomesOur adversarial system is founded upon conflict and effectively ignores the devastating consequences that warring over issues brings to individuals and their families. Nevertheless, there are times when litigation can be a necessary and effective tool–when used consciously and with respect for the humanity of the other side. Donna believes it is possible to be both zealous legal advocates and compassionate and enthusiastic peacemakers without sacrificing the true needs and/or safety of our clients. Even in the most highly contested family law disputes, acknowledgment and sensitivity towards the trauma of the breakup of intimate relationships can restore dignity to the process for both sides.

Donna A. Laurent is a highly experienced professional family law attorney.  For over the past 20+ years, she has dedicated her life to advocating for families and their children.

Deciding who to trust with your family’s future can be difficult.  There are many factors to consider: experience, integrity, personal service, and creativity.  You need to feel comfortable confiding in your family lawyer and trusting her to help you make the right choices for your family. Donna Laurent has helped families through the painful process of divorce or paternity, support battles, domestic violence, etc. for over 20+years.  She knows exactly what you are going through.  Laurent Legal is dedicated to assisting you in finding solutions that are right for you and the people you care about. Call 818-946-3100 or contact Donna online to schedule an appointment at her Encino office.