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Tips for A Brighter New Year After Your Divorce

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If you have recently separated or filed for divorce, and you managed to get through the first time you and your ex (and maybe your children!) were not together for holiday celebrations, you are probably feeling a conflicting array of emotions.

Even if your holidays were challenging and lonely, you can help yourself with a fresh start in the New Year.  You are not alone in looking for support in creating a brighter 2015.. Read on for a few tops on how to

Building a Brighter New Year After Divorce

Nurture Yourself

A divorce can be an emotionally and mentally exhausting roller coaster. Take a little extra time right now for you. It’s the same reasoning used when flight attendants remind us to put on our oxygen masks first: take care of yourself and you will be more ready and available to take care of others.

Go on a Trip

If your ex has your kids for a brief or big amount of time, and you find that you will have some “alone time”, take a trip. Instead of sitting home focusing on what you don’t have, go on an adventure and explore the world around you. Maybe it’s that tropical island you always wanted to visit, or that ski trip your ex would never let you take… Or maybe it is a fun cruise with other singles! The opportunities are endless.

Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

If you are not able to pack up and leave, stay local and act like a tourist for the day (or two or three!). Perhaps it is that museum you always wanted to check out but your ex wasn’t into, or that fun painting class you’ve been meaning to try… Now is the change to discover blessings literally in your own back yard.

Get Out There

Don’t ignore those the invitations of friends and co-workers — say yes and go! While you may feel uncomfortable going out alone for the first few times, make sure you choose events and functions where mingling is easy and fun and thrown by people who love you and have your back. They will make sure that you feel comfortable and loved and you will see that going out without a date on your arm can be comfortable and sometimes exhilarating.

Treat Yourself

Buying yourself a present works wonders too.  As we described in #1, now is the time to be extra loving and gentle to yourself. If that means treating yourself to that item you’ve had your eye on for months (or maybe years!) and it is within your financial means, then do it!

The early days as a single man or woman will likely be different from other times in your life, and now is the wisest time to create beautiful new memories.

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