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Mediation Coaching

You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.
-Golda Meir

Mediation Coaching with attorney Donna A. Laurent helps clients during divorceMediation Coaching Brings Compassion To The Mediation Process

Countless family law clients choose mediation to resolve their disputes outside of the complex, expensive and lengthy process of family law litigation. However, the goal of a mediator is to come to a resolution, not to protect the interests of either party. More and more clients are electing to protect themselves with mediation coaching. At Laurent Legal, expert mediation coaching provides clients with the strongest means to make wise, informed decisions.

Informed Decision-making Every Step of the Way

Whether clients find themselves at the beginning, middle or conclusion of a mediation process, an immediate consultation with Laurent Legal for mediation coaching assures that decisions are based upon genuine long-term family needs rather than the raw emotions too often associated with the break-up of a family.

Clients considering mediation must know that the most ethical family law mediators strongly advise each party to seek independent legal advice regarding any mediated issues or concerns they may have. Most important, clients are encouraged to receive independent evaluations of all written agreements—that will become court orders— resulting from the process. Donna Laurent has spent countless hours helping, warning, guiding, and advising clients through the mediation process in order to assist in generating alternative and innovative provisions that result in equitable outcomes that truly meet the needs of the client.

Decisions Made During Mediation Can Last A Lifetime

Mediation can be a less-painful alternative to family law litigation but outcomes are only as wise as a client is informed. Because every decision made by the parties in mediation can have impacts that last a lifetime, it is imperative that each party be well-versed in all the legal options and opportunities that may be available to them.

Once Laurent Legal coaching is in place, clients feel protected, confident, and optimistic that the mediation process will never become a runaway train that devastates their families and their futures. Intimidation of one party by the other can enter the mediation room. Preparation with Laurent Legal assures this intimidation will never happen because the client is armed for every session with knowledge, tools, and specific legal strategies, that boost their confidence regardless of how the other party may attempt to strong-arm the proceedings. Laurent Legal  is skilled in not only identifying issues most family law practitioners and mediators would likely miss, but we have the knowledge, experience and vast resource base to help develop a plan or an order for resolution of even the most complex issues that arise in any family law dispute.

Laurent Legal’s expertise in the area of meditation coaching is a an important focus for our practice. Mediation Coaching helps families reach efficient solutions that truly meet the needs of both themselves and their children.  Call 818-946-3100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.