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Complex Property & High Net Worth

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Let Laurent Legal help you get the settlement you deserve during a divorce involving complex property and high net worth.

divorce involving complex property division issues, which may include dividing high net worth assets, performing business valuations, and tracing significant separate property interests can present unique challenges for individuals involved in these proceedings.  The tracking, identification and distribution of these assets can be extremely complicated and such cases require skilled, professional and experienced legal advice.

Let Laurent Legal’s Experience Work for You – Get the Results and Settlement  You Deserve

Laurent Legal, with the assistance of expert forensic accountants, appraisers, actuaries and other specialists, has the expertise and financial sophistication to resolve property valuation and division disputes and assist our clients in resolving these issues in the most equitable, efficient and expeditious manner.

Handling All Types of Property Division in California Divorces

Complex property division may require business valuation; valuing goodwill or intellectual property; dividing stock options; analyzing the receipt of royalties or residuals; interpreting licensing agreements, valuing and tracing interest in residential, rental and/or commercial real properties; separating pensions and other retirement benefits, or allocating inheritance.  At Laurent Legal, Donna strives to manage and preserve her client’s assets by assessing both community and separate property, by tracing to determine the original source of the asset, ascertaining its true value, the related tax implications and the ultimate appropriate division of the asset.

Options for Handling Divorce Settlements and Agreements

Donna Laurent uses her extensive experience to successfully negotiate marital settlement agreements or, if necessary, to litigate complex disputes concerning community property division. Her clients include many high net worth individuals and professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners, and celebrities and executives in entertainment, media, and sports. Donna strives to creatively develop customized solutions for each of client’s individual needs and goals.

Don’t Hesitate to Speak with an Attorney About Your Divorce Situation

Contact Laurent Legal to learn more.  Donna will welcome your call and she will discuss her experience and resources, and assist you in tailoring a solution unique to your individual needs. Call Laurent Legal at (818) 946-3100 to set up a consultation or send Donna an email.